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Thursday, 17 Apr 2014

Hot Lips Hot Legs

Erotic Documentary

Additional Info

  • Title: Playboy: Hot Lips, Hot Legs
  • Release date: 2003
  • Genre: Erotic Documentary
  • Country: USA
  • Director: Scott Allen
  • Starring: Barbara Ann Moore, Serria Tawan, Christi Shake, Stephanie Heinrich, Kristi Cline, Miriam Gonzalez, Teri Harrison, Michele Rogers, Deanna Brooks, Jennifer Walcott, Lani Todd, Stacie Morrissette, Rachel Elizabeth, Misty Summers, William F. Smith
  • Language: English
  • Length: 53 minutes

Tall and beautiful, sensual and sexy. Women have a special part of the body, the form of which can not stand no man. Body parts, buyout force men to forget about everything. It does not matter where we are and what we do, there is always around us, then what can be enjoyed day and night ... Here and cleaning the pool with water treatments required naked and striptease in the cafe to attract customers, and much, much more!

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